We already talked about this in this article along with a fantastic fashion editorial on the occasion of the launch of their new campaign, Always On Side, photographed by Raúl Béjar with styling by Martxel Montero: no one resists the New Era spirit. The pioneering streetwear brand has spent years making identity an integral element of its vision of fashion and, following its steadfast commitment to all those who shape its diverse global community, now they are releasing a docuseries exploring emerging creative scenes, giving them support so that they continue to grow.
Proving to be closely connected with all the creative profiles that are part of the New Era community, the brand is now going one step further by announcing the broadcast of a docuseries for this year with which we will be able to know more about all these people who contribute with their art and their work to this exciting project. Through donations and support, New Era will be promoting exciting initiatives around the world throughout 2023. And we already know what their first stop will be: Accra (Ghana).

Being one of the creative epicentres around alternative music and skate and surf culture, New Era now puts the spotlight on the protagonist of this first episode, Sandy Alibo, founder of three of the fundamental institutions for this scene: Surf Ghana, Vibrate Space and Freedom Skatepark. Since last year, Alibo and Surf Ghana have worked together to promote the DIY music scene and continue to publicize the alternative scene that emerged in the skatepark, making it visible nationally and internationally. From this commitment to creative effervescence, Vibrate Space was born, a community music recording studio to train young emerging musicians as well as managers and promoters.

New Era is now joining forces with Vibrate Space to help them on their journey, providing mentoring, studio access and allowing these young talents to perform live and show their potential to the world, as well as providing digital support to further spread their message. You can now watch the first episode of the docuseries. Stay tuned to find out what the next stop on their journey will be.
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