“I wanted to capture the mental chaos that comes with processing the reality we're living in,” Los Angeles-based queer/trans artist Nas Bogado says of the new NFT photo series that has just been released. Known for having worked with Royal & The Serpent, Phem, Cailin Russo, Meg Myers, Maggie Lindemann, 5sos and many more, the photographer now presents a four-piece set of musician American Teeth, and DIY photoset collaborations with unique individuals inspired by tech, experimenting and shaping a personal identity through the creative direction of the project, which you can already discover here.
“The human mind can never seem to catch up to the machine,” adds Nas Bogado when asked about this latest work, in which we can appreciate how the artist encapsulates the struggle in the divisions we face. “And the constant meta-growth that ultimately is an overwhelming feeling leaving myself with 'fuck the system' or be one with,” the LA photographer concludes. Having released singles that now have more than four million views on digital platforms such as Still not dead and many others that exceed hundreds of thousands of listeners such as Gemini or Chemicals, American Teeth becomes the other undisputed protagonist of this newly released project.

Having launched these latest creations, their sale includes important benefits, ranging from a 20x20 photo print to customers hasta access to exclusive discord for future news on the project –collabs, giveaways, events and more. One more step in bringing art closer to the public through NFT, a concept and a way of reaching the audience that continues to gain ground and has shaken the foundations on which the art market is built. Discover all the details of this latest action here.
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