Referencing rom-coms like When Harry Met Sally and iconic films like Grease, singer Naomi Jane releases Why Not, a heartfelt song about “a ‘perfect’ love that is just ‘too good’ to be true outside of the movies.” As she explains, “An ideal or almost stereotypical love,” which she was made to believe in through the audio-visual medium since she was a little girl – like many others. Because, who hasn’t dreamed of finding their perfect other due to films and TV shows?
Since we’re kids, we’re bombarded with the need to find our ‘other half’. And that sticks with us until our adult life, for better or worse. Starting with “We’ve all done it / Stared at the left hand finger / For a little too long,” Naomi Jane references the longing for finding true love, the one that lasts forever and seems to ‘complete’ us somehow. And that is even more true for girls. “Ever since I was little, my favorite movies of all time are rom-coms! They made me fall in love with love,” Naomi Jane explains about Why Not, her new single. “This song tells the story of how girls (like me) still look for the rom-com romance in real life even if it is impossible,” she concludes.
So, in this intimate, candid song, which follows previous single Never Let Go, the singer, songwriter and vocalist opens up about her love for rom-coms but also the pressure this type of shows puts in viewers. “If it’s true / For two people in a movie / Maybe we can have our story too / Why not me / Why not you,” she sings in the chorus. And certainly, why can’t we dream of such love? With this song, impossible not to do so.