Multani – also known as Niels Meukens – travels from the fusion of psychedelic pop and downtempo escapism to create works that move from one genre to another with surprisingly fluid, in continuous movement, and referring to other artistic disciplines. His debut EP, Dot, integrates five tracks ranging from Lime to Melt, inviting us to be part of an appetising psychedelic experience with which he introduces himself to his audience.
Niels Meukens is not a newcomer to music. Having been part of different bands and after performing at some of the most prestigious national and international festivals, from Rock Werchter to the Dour Festival, the drummer now directs all his energy to his most personal musical project. An alter ego with which he experiments with sound waves, rhythms and vibrations, revolving around a finely engineered mix of sun-washed guitar riffs, processed vox lines and dusty synths soaked to the bone in idyllic coastal shimmer.

The Belgian producer now releases his debut EP, Dot, as if it were a kaleidoscope. And it is that his new work is a journey through different chromatic universes, in which the different perspectives, approaches and perceptions make his work a capital experience. From dynamic drums to singles like Melon, with more of a sluggish, piano-strewn jazz swagger, or references to the sound of the sixties and a miscellany of inspirations whose components are not easy to decipher. The artist performs today in Antwerp, and next November 7 in Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (Belgium). Don't miss out!