In an ever-shifting world, where transformation is the only constant, Miista unveils its Fall/Winter 2023 collection and campaign, aptly named Transformiistas (very tongue-in-cheek). This collection is not just about fashion; it’s a celebration of those who challenge conventions and boldly redefine themselves. That’s why they’re working with photographer Fernanda Liberti and a group of talents that embody those values.
Miista’s Creative Director, Laura Villasenin, drew inspiration from the captivating life and work of photographer Madalena Schwartz, a Hungarian woman living in Sao Paulo running a launderette who, in the 1960s, embarked on a remarkable journey of self-discovery, where she picked up her first camera at the age of fifty. That seemingly banal event put her life upside down: she went on to develop a vibrant and respected artistic career while mingling with other contemporary artists from the burgeoning Brazilian city, and along the way, she documented artists and performers in the underground scene, many of whom were transgender, drag queens, or exploring identities outside of normative ideals.
Schwartz’s subjects, a diverse group of individuals, became the driving force behind Miista’s latest collection, which for the Transformiistas campaign features model Luna Freddie, dancer and performer Martina Liendo, artist and poet Amanda Araujo, and multi-hyphenate Yasmin Amoura. “We thought we’d visit a few of our night owl friends in Barcelona,” says the team behind the brand.
The pieces in this collection are a celebration of change, embracing the ever-evolving nature of life itself. Hand-painted degradé effects gracefully shift materials from one colour to another, mirroring the fluidity of personal transformations. Clothing silhouettes push the boundaries of their genre, with extended tailored panelling on shirts and unexpected shirring in trousers and tops. Adjustable lacing and straps offer versatility, allowing wearers to change their aesthetic with every mood.
This collection is a tribute to those who defy expectations and pave the way for a more inclusive and accepting world, much like the subjects in Schwartz’s work. Over the past decades, these individuals challenged societal norms and embraced transformation. Miista pays homage to the underground glamour aesthetics of this era, with clothing silhouettes that reference lingerie and corsetry. Elastic binding accentuates the body, while merino lace gracefully drapes it. The Caetana dress blurs the lines between body and surroundings, showcasing transformative bodily forms.
Miista's journey has also seen a transformation this year. After twelve years in London, the brand bid farewell to its Hackney headquarters, relocating to Galicia, Spain, next to its Spanish factory. This move allows Miista to get back to its crafting roots, overseeing a beloved short supply chain more closely. The Duke of York store remains in London, and a Manchester warehouse handles UK orders, reducing unnecessary airmiles. Directors Laura and Pablo split their time between London and Spain, excited for the new chapter ahead.
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