When you want to become an artist, the path ahead usually looks scary (to put it softly). The insecurity, lack of stability, and the feeling that it’s just ‘a phase’ or a ‘dream’ are all too common. And when parents and friends suggest that you study something that has more possibilities, just in case, it’s even more disheartening. But that didn’t happen to Michelle Daly, who’s always had a supportive mother. That’s precisely what she’s encapsulated in My Mama Told Me, her newest release, out today.

The Irish-born singer and songwriter debuted in 2014 with the EP Melodramas, which she penned while based in London. Now, currently based in Berlin, Michelle continues to perform and sing her jazz, soul and R&B-infused music to different audiences. She’s also a regular on the opera stage and has performed solo at renowned venues like the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, and Deutsche Oper Berlin. However, that wasn’t always the case.
Behind My Mama Told Me, the new single off her upcoming album January Skies, due in February 2024, is the unconditional support of her mother, who always trusted her daughter’s talent and ambition. Speaking of the track, Michelle Daly says: “I wrote this song about my experiences in the music and performing arts industry, highlighting the constant struggles, rejections, disappointments, and uncertainties that artists often face. We keep going back for more despite no guarantee of success. It is also about facing the inevitability of the unfulfillment of our childhood hopes and dreams.” But those fears didn’t have much place in her home. “Fortunately, I am lucky to have an incredibly supportive mother who, even in the face of these challenges, always reassures me that everything will eventually turn out okay, even if it feels far from the truth! I wanted an old-style R&B feel for this track, which is evident in the Bill Withers-inspired groove.”