It’s a good day for pop lovers because Mia Nicolai is back with Stuck, her newest single. Oozing happiness and a celebratory feeling, the song is an upbeat bop inspired by that exciting sensation that when you’re starting to like someone, which seems to take over your entire body. You start building castles in the air, anticipating what might or might not happen with that special someone. And more especially, you think of them 24/7.
Yes, I have been in that place. And you have too, most probably. Since music is a universal language, Mia Nicolai knows how to use her skills to connect with her listeners. Speaking of this universal feeling, which stemmed from a personal experience, Mia Nicolai shares: “Stuck is written about a person who had something really magical about them, they were stuck in my mind. I think it’s really important to share a light perspective on life sometimes because there is so much darkness going on in the world. There’s something really beautiful in being attracted to someone, so I decided to embrace it and enjoy it.”
But she didn’t embrace it since the beginning, she admits. Even if falling for someone is exhilarating, it can also be scary. We don’t want our heart broken, so stopping a story from developing further might also protect ourselves from greater emotional damage. That was Mia’s initial approach, but in the end, she decided to do the opposite and “bask in the joy of attraction and anticipation of what could emerge from the early stages of connection.”