I Hate U, the latest release from Brooklyn based artist Mel 4Ever, following her acclaimed headline performance at the Bushwig festival, capitalises on a righteous rage raised against family and friends who took issue with her transition and her newfound path as an artist. It’s an unpretentious display of pop punk that taps into raw emotion, and vulnerability while remaining an anthem for the dancefloor. Known for embracing the bizarre and loud, Mel 4Ever is an uncompromising artist forging a fun and rebellious career in pop music. Her debut album, Tranic Attack was released with wide acclaim receiving both glowing reviews in Paper Magazine and Nylon.
Mel draws upon a wide range of influences, with a sound equally reminiscent of Avril Lavigne and 100gecs, its carnage of the best kind. In a time so full of rage, with a million affronts on marginalised people, an anthem about anger against transphobes registers. It's an emotional release, cathartic and fun.

Through exploring anger as a force of sadness, and a step in the process of grieving, Mel invites us to feel deeply, and then move on, in the most irreverent way, by telling the source of our frustrations that you “really fu**ing hate them.” Anger is valid, but it shouldn’t stop you from moving on, and leaving the negativity behind. The candy sweet musical sound of Mel’s styling, cuts through the bitter and whiny lyrics and vocal styling, it’s pop-punk perfectionism.
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