Having recorded his first EP in 2019 alone in a bedroom studio, Martian Subculture has not stopped receiving good reviews for his work and perseverance. Creating leftfield, lo-fi psych-rock, the artist based in Limerick (Ireland) isn't afraid of musical experimentation, as he's already gearing up to release his forthcoming debut album via New York City independent label 22Twenty on April 6. Meanwhile, he unveils one of the tracks that we will find in this new release, Bitter, also presenting us his new music video titled Enter Martian Pedestrian.
"Ultimately, the album is an experience of a city on an alien planet, which to the potential listener, highlights my experience of feeling alien on our own planet, as a human/artist/being,” Martian Subculture replies when asked about his next release Bank Prologue, which will include ten tracks. An assembly of sonic experiments inspired by jazz and funk from Arabic speaking parts of the globe from the 1960s to the 1980s in which he searches different sources of inspiration to achieve his ultimate final sound. Bitter immerses us in an enveloping and welcoming atmosphere, showing that the artist does not get carried away by the trends of the current music scene.

Having released singles that exceed hundreds of thousands of listeners on Spotify like Hard to remember and others that have almost a million reproductions like All emotions are equal, Martian takes the effortlessness of earthbound pop and uses it as malleable material to bend to the shape of his music. We will be able to listen to his full EP in less than a month, and you can now pre-save Bank Prologue here