Louis Vuitton, synonymous with luxury and innovation, unveils an addition to its Color Blossom jewellery line: the Amazonite. The Maison introduces four gemstone jewels, known for their soothing mint-like blue-green hue and vibrant translucency, injecting a refreshing burst of sophistication into the collection.
Introduced in 2015, the Color Blossom line has become a hallmark of Louis Vuitton’s aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from the Maison’s emblematic Monogram flowers, the collection showcases sumptuous gems, each meticulously treated by hand to accentuate its brilliance. This season starts with the arrival of Amazonite, a gemstone named after the majestic Amazon River, where it was first unearthed. Renowned for its spectrum of blue-green tones, ranging from serene light greens to turquoise shades and even a soft pink, Amazonite stands out with its distinctive style, ensuring that each piece represents the traditional heritage of Louis Vuitton.
The Amazonite collection welcomes four jewels. A necklace adorned with a flower-shaped pendant features a round brilliant diamond delicately suspended from a fine gold chain. This design is echoed in a graceful bracelet, where a dazzling diamond accompanies an Amazonite flower. If that wasn’t enough, a sophisticated sautoir and a statement bracelet interweave Amazonite stones with dazzling diamond pavé flowers ready to blossom.