Italy and Japan walk into a bar… the bartender raises an eyebrow, caught in a moment of confusion. The bar, lost in the winds of misunderstanding, transcends into a runway, and the Loro Piana Spring/Summer 2024 collection is born. A badly set up joke yet a brilliantly curated collection, where the Italian house embraces the rich culture of Japan. The punchline? A campaign centred around balance and harmony, where Loro Piana harmonises with Japan’s common values, presenting it not just as a concept but as a visceral feeling, a state of mind.
Loro Piana seeks the beauty that comes from balance, and they stand firm “in the belief that everything that exists is part of a greater whole, and the beauty of the whole exists in each part.” This, in turn, is reflected onto the S/S 2024 collection, where in each fabric and detail, the campaign illustrates how the essence is reflected and magnified in the thoughtful craftsmanship of each individual part.
Caught by the lens of celebrated photographer Mario Sorrenti, the campaign serves as a multisensorial portrayal of this balance. It unfolds amidst Japanese landscapes, both architectural and rural, emphasising on fluid forms and engaging textures that echo the understated simplicity inherent in the collection. Japan is faintly felt, appearing as a subtle trace in the overarching pursuit of harmony. 
Bathed in natural light, the images in the campaign delicately highlight the textural nuances of both attire and surroundings. The models don the collection and roam the streets, they stand on the shore and sit in a field, or rest against both modern and traditional architecture. The clothing melds within the environment, nurturing a sense of interconnectedness between humanity and nature.