The understated movement of performance is put on display for the Loewe Spring/Summer 2024 Men’s campaign. David Sims once again captures and defines the silhouettes of his subjects, this time with Golden-Globe nominated actor Jamie Dornan as the new Global Brand Ambassador and famous singer-songwriter Omar Apollo at the forefront.
Intense expressions and structural positions are caught mid-act with the intimacy of raw energy. This is how Jamie Dornan and Omar Apollo are posed in the new photographs for the S/S 2024 Men’s Campaign. Dornan looks pensive while he leans against a wall or sits on a ladder at an audition. Apollo looks entranced while he is lit up by bright stage lights, holding a microphone or entering a room full of glitter. The men are frozen in time, each in their own elements of performance and style.
Still life photographs capture the collection in movement, made up of slumping geometrical bags and bedazzled shoes that are caught in suspension. The assortment of mixed textures from glitter, leather, and knit, adds even more dimension to the performance of the photographs. Loewe captures the simplicity of everyday objects and acts and turns them into art, drawing attention to the details. This new men’s campaign is setting the standards for fashion, transforming the subtle into something bold.