Discover the latest collection by Aalto University’s graduate Linda Kokkonen, whose mix between motorcycling racing clothes, a reinterpretation of Victorian-era mourning garments, and a magical, witchy atmosphere is portrayed in this video directed by Laura Martinova and produced by David Cuní and Laura Bestle. Black and red, a rocky beach, the Moon, and a tantalising all-female gang are the main characters ready to haunt your soul and wardrobe. Will you resist the call?
The entire collection, in addition to having this spellbinding atmosphere and strong connection to nature, is mostly made out of recycled and sustainable materials – the leather as well. By highlighting the importance of preserving both the human artisanal touch and our environment, Linda Kokkonen has made a collection that stands out because of its ethical background, beautiful aesthetics, and complex handcrafted details.

The six models starring in the video wear delicate, filmy, semi-sheer blouses and dresses, with frayed jumpers and trousers – and even an edgy cut-out T-shirt with a print –, all in black or red. This causes a strong contrast both visually and conceptually, making us wonder what is the starting point of the collection. But juxtaposition itself, the aim of amalgamating very disparate references, may be it.

Laura Martinova, the filmmaker behind this film, has helped convey this message of weirdness by creating an enigmatic atmosphere, filling it with mysterious characters who gather together fashionably around a ritual to admire the sea, the Moon, and nature.