Just in time for pride month, gender-inclusive brand No Sesso collaborates with powerhouse brand Levi’s on a new denim capsule. Their new collection introduces a special set of convertible garments: two truckers and two jeans. A denim gown, made by Levi’s Master Tailors with couture sensibilities, also graced No Sesso’s latest runway. With zips and ties galore, the pieces are designed for flexible wear, flattering all bodies.
Levi’s has committed itself in recent years to diverse and queer representation through their collections. The classic denim brand was founded in 1873 and has maintained a range of seminal classics throughout the years. Traditional garment silhouettes and creative approaches to gender inclusive clothing have found themselves at odds with one another in contemporary times. Yet Levi’s new collaborative capsule with Los Angeles based fashion house No Sesso (Italian for “no sex”) subverts some of their most iconic products (with a re-edition of both a Type III style trucker jacket, and a 505 jean). Through No Sesso’s design vernacular, Levi’s denim products are imbued with references to corsetry, lingerie as well as utilitarian clothing items, producing some delightful contradiction and compliments.

The collection’s items all feature convertible elements and can be transformed by wearers to achieve an expansive range of styling possibilities. No Sesso’s creative directors, Pia Davis and Autumn Randolph, worked with Levi’s teams to create pieces that can be flexibly worn to flatter many body types, and work to serve a diverse range of styles. As a team, they are committed to empowering people of “all colours, shapes, and identities” through their work. It’s all about clothing that helps people express themselves. Whether that be sensual, hardcore or the confluence of these seemingly contradictory sensibilities, No Sesso’s new capsule with Levi’s give the power to the dresser to decide.
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