Sitting inside a vintage Jaguar found in dark and abandoned parking lot on a rainy night in Berlin might be the best setting to come to terms with one’s existential crises and last minute thoughts before entering the afterlife, at least according to Leo Luchini’s new music video for Look At You.
Self-produced and co-directed with Alexis Rummler, Look At You can be split into two parts. The first sees the rapper and actor injured and displaying “lots of scars,” whilst he desperately yells over a classic trap beat and distorted guitar riffs. Leo Luchini’s larger-than-life character manifests himself alongside demonic figures and supposed foes, in an eerie, red-lit, cinematic setting, an expansion of his creativity which could already be seen in his 2016 hit Bubblegum Creep.

The second part of the music video takes a softer approach, sonically speaking. Acoustic guitar in hand, Luchini now finds himself transformed into an angel sat atop of a basketball hoop and captured through a vintage lens. The peaceful, melodic ending is a sharp contrast to the overall dark tone of the song, as if Luchini has made amends with his past turmoil and taunting. Look At You is a product of self-reflection and self-realisation, and perhaps a cautionary tale to look at yourself, before its too late.