Making music that feels like a good representation of who he is at a certain time in his life. Having clear what his goal is, Lamorn now presents his debut EP, Encore, while he acknowledges being satisfied with the final result and having accomplished his purpose in this new work. “The first time I listened through the finished tracklist, I knew immediately that I had achieved that goal. This is me, and I'm very excited about that,” he says. And it is that being only 18 years old, the promising artist has become the musical protégé of the renowned Deadmau5, signing him on his independent record label, Mau5trap.
Eight songs, 37 minutes of music and a declaration of intent that demonstrates the talent of Lamorn and the potential of the artist, who since he began his project in 2019 has gone forward by leaps and bounds, receiving praise from music critics and professional colleagues. “I can feel my childhood moving further away, as adult life is beginning to kick in,” explains Lamorn when asked about the meaning behind his debut EP, in which he reflects on the change he has experienced in his life last year. His music becomes a faithful reflection of his concerns, his vital moment and his organic and personal evolution.

From psychedelic rock to synthesisers that provide an extra dose of energy, the eight tracks that make up this new work achieve a perfect balance. Far from being stuck in the past, this new album looks forward with determination, bringing a necessary dose of energy to the current music scene. From Encore to Missing Voices, Ordinary or Lonely Light, there are many catchy songs. In conclusion, a brilliant result for an artist whose career is just beginning.
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