We can all feel part of the narrative that LACES and Boh Doran now present on their new single, In My Room. The artists join forces in a release that explores the nostalgia of what it felt like to be teenagers in our rooms but as adults. Making this space a place where we experience self-knowledge processes, celebrate the good news and deal with our most personal problems, this song takes us back to when we could merely fantasize about what life could be as opposed to what it should be.
LACES, with whom we’ve spoken repeatedly in METAL -the last one on the occasion of the release of her single Almost Happy a few months ago – knows how to connect with the emotions of the listeners in a masterful, almost hypnotizing way. Being sincere in her lyrics and championing honesty and naturalness, the artist now travels back in time, specifically to her childhood in the nineties. And she plunges us into “the only place where we could truly be free from authority and responsibility was in our bedrooms,” as she says.

Backstreet Boys posters, Savage Garden stickers on the headboards and many other elements with which any ‘90s kid can feel very identified converge in this new single, which invites us to reconnect with a particular time of our lives and stop for a moment to celebrate memories. Have you ever jumped on your bed singing along to Alanis Morissette and Christina Aguilera CDs with fake plastic microphones? Whether you have or not, sure you’ve dreamed big in your inner world. If so, this song is for you.
Lace Sx Boh Promo 1.jpg