Within the huge amount of content that we find when we immerse ourselves in TikTok – a platform in which it takes hours if you want to explore in a profound way – we find some proposals that surprise us for their quality, their personality or their aesthetics. Works and characters that give us hope and that reflect on the benefits that social media has had in our lives. Montreal-born singer-songwriter Kaylee Patterson is a very good example of this. Her unique sound has attracted nearly forty thousand followers on this app. She now presents her new single, Don’t want you back.
“My ex is really going to hate me after this one,” says the young singer about her new single, Don't want you back, which she is releasing now after having surprised with her dreamy voice on previous singles like Not Sorry or Time Machine. A way of understanding music that, along with an overwhelming personality – she is one of the few young singers who dares to post videos with unpopular opinions in which irony, satire and humour prevail – make this artist one of the great promises of the industry.

Pop is fused with folk elements in a perfect tandem that results in catchy melodies loaded with emotion. Her latest release, Don't want you back, is the materialisation of her deepest feeling through a seemingly sweet tune, turned into a declaration of intent. And it is that when it seems that the song stabilises, she suddenly surprises us again with her vocal ability, showing that the new generations of music are just as prepared as the great music icons. We'll have to wait for the future, but we anticipate good things to come for Patterson.
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