Daydream pulls you into Kat Duma’s wonderland... hazy dream-like vignettes softly warp into one another, accompanied by Kat’s hypnotic vocals. This mesmerising music video perfectly captures the feeling of a daydream. Kat Duma’s image shimmers in watery reflections and distorted faces twirl like plumes of smoke. Despite its surrealism, the video is both peaceful and gentle, with a warmth that feels like falling asleep in the sunshine.
The Belgrade-born, Toronto-based music producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer Kat Duma, formerly known as KAADE, has a voice so soothing it sounds like a lullaby. In Daydream we see Kat explore the fascination of losing yourself in a dream world. One particularly breathtaking scene features Kat’s face framed by clouds in the shape of an eye, drawing reference from the surrealist artist René Magritte’s painting The False Mirror. She is solitary despite her multiple, shifting reflections. Like many post-lockdown music videos, her isolation reminds of us a year where so many of us have spent an unexpected amount of time inside, alone with our thoughts. We watch Kat accept the absurdness of her situation. Between psychedelic fragmented images she appears almost saintly, palms raised to reveal shining stigmata.

The video is directed by Mary Chen, an artist and photographer from Montreal, who has exhibited work in Manhattan's Aperture Gallery and was a finalist for The Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Award in 2020. Daydream is the first video from Kat Duma’s upcoming debut album, set to be released in 2022 via Egyptrixx's Halocline Trance. We can't wait to see and hear more!
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