We have already announced it repeatedly in recent months and we do reaffirm our belief: collaborations are the future of art and culture. Projects in which the talent of different individuals is combined, achieving results never seen before, learning from each other and making synergies a pillar on which to build interesting platforms. The newly formed London-based electronic quartet Jet-G is a very good example of this interesting trend, and their second single released today, Give Me Air, embodies the sum of strengths that defines the band.
The electronic producer Jolliffe, female vocalist Eckoes, Modestep’s founding member Tony Terror and Gentry are the members of Jet-G, an acronym for all of them and the result of an interesting collaboration in which the talent of each of them is reinforced with the strengths and knowledge of the others. “The guys began to produce as they went and I could hear a melody and lyrics almost immediately,” says Eckoes when talking of the creative process for this new single, which they shaped in a small studio in London Fields during Covid lockdown.

Give Me Air follows the band's debut single, Heartbeat, a collaboration with Japanese drumming troupe Kodo and Resident Advisor. And this second chapter, with which we are gradually getting to know this promising project that bets on real collaboration in a music scene full of instantaneous phenomena and artists who are influenced by trends, brings us closer to their sound. A mystical aura in which sound experimentation is an indispensable element.