You’re strolling through the Hollywood Walk of Fame when Spider-Man swings overhead with a thong, one hand weaving webs while the other tenderly cradles their pregnant belly—all while managing an asthma attack. Before you can even process, a nefarious and fashionably confused low-waisted-jeans-wearing minion is attempting to pilfer a blue raspberry slushie from a nearby store.
Fear not! Spider-Man catapults to the scene wielding a hot-pink taser and thwarts the villain, ensuring that justice prevails amid unexpected maternity and asthma management. Now, take everything apart from what you just read—Thong, Spider-Man, pregnant belly, Minion, etc.—and there you have it: Hardeman’s latest SS24 campaign!
Was it necessary to mash those elements and fabricate this entire storyline? Perhaps not, but in Hardeman’s illimitable world, it seemed like the only logical choice. Welcome to the campaign that throws caution to the wind, with bumps, thongs, and full-on make-out scenes—an ode to the unapologetic. Hardeman is a gender-neutral brand hailing from Amsterdam, garnering inspiration from the ‘everyday man’. Mainly denim-focused, the label strives (and succeeds) in shattering conformity, both by ‘just making clothes people can wear’, and through their witty presence. Peel back the layers of the peculiarity to find a versatile collection, including everyday logo t-shirts, bags, and denim essentials, and if thongs aren’t your thing, they’re entirely optional!
For their Spring/Summer 2024, they opted for a campaign that allows one to shape their own narrative, as was imposed upon you earlier. Supermarkets, ‘Torture Museum’ cut-outs, and an unknown dog (Yorkie?) all grace the campaign. While the Walk of Fame has surely seen its fair share of sights, has it ever witnessed a stylishly dressed couple collapse to the ground in pure affection? Since the collection’s release on March 8th, you too can don their clothing and embrace Spider-Man before the due date.