Designers and their muses are often well-known public pairs. But megastar Harry Styles and Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele have redefined what this relationship can look like. From co-hosting the Met Gala in 2019, to working together a broad set of performance looks for the singer, the pair has invited the world in to share in the fruits of their collaborative creative partnership. In their new collection, titled Gucci Ha Ha Ha in reference to their initials pairing and their text message signoffs to one another, Styles and Michele have released a collection inspired by their shared inspirations and experiences.
The collection began to take form over WhatsApp, where the two discuss their shared fashion obsessions and references they both find compelling. Michele often relies on Styles for creative input on his work, saying that his reactions to outfits Michele designs for him are restorative and inspirational. Yet now, they truly worked in tandem to codesign a set of looks. The idea for the collection came to them over the course of a phone call, and the two set out to create a ‘dream wardrobe’ inspired by “a mix of aesthetics from 1970s pop and bohemian to the revision of the image of the gentleman,” in Michele's own words. Their collection is the product of a sporadic texting vision board and presents an elegant suite of tailored looks.

Gucci Ha Ha Ha is playful but refined, presenting eclectic prints, a pastel heavy palette and retro inspired suiting. Reworked Gucci staples (bamboo handled bags, luggage and iconic fur lined horsebit shoes) are introduced with relaxed suiting silhouettes celebrating a liberated version of masculinity that Harry Styles has represented to the world in the past years. It is the encapsulation of a look the two have defined for the past several years, but presented as a cogent, limited release collection.
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