Walking through snowy trails in stilettos, gifts wrapped in the silkiest of papers and travelling first class on the express train to rejoin your family in these festive times is Gucci’s vision for the holiday season. In the latest campaign envisioned by Creative Director Alessandro Michele and shot by Jordan Hemingway titled Gucci Gift, the Italian heritage house celebrates the end of the year festivities in style, compiling an array of staple items from various collections, inspiring gifts for your mother, new-born nephew or even your beloved Corgi.
Rich in storytelling and scenic shots, the Gucci Gift short film sees a stylish group ushering to catch the train on time. Once aboard, the characters relax on their journey from the South of France up north, showcasing some of Gucci’s latest pieces in the elegant and sophisticated confines of the train, exchanging gifts and enjoying the mountainous backgrounds along their journey.

Of the pieces that can be spotted includes an array of heritage luggage pieces, from duffel bags to suitcases from the Valigeria collection. The double GG house print can be seen throughout, including loafers, platform heels, clogs and trainers from the Cosmogonie collection. Elsewhere can be seen eyewear, jewellery, homeware, decor and pet-wear all intertwined with Gucci’s mainline of ready-to-wear in an ambient setting. Tartan, lace, ruffles and velvet are all combined in this sartorial medley, capturing the magical vibe of the holiday season.
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