Still assimilating that her new single is out, Geneva celebrates the release of Down Bad (feat. Basi Azul). Having been perfected throughout over a year, so much detail went into this one and she now says to be very proud of how it turned out. The artist, who continues to shape a dreamy hybrid blend of electronic, RnB and pop, being refined into a soul-soothing palette of warm sonic textures, ethereal vibes and scintillating sensations, shows with this release an undeniably catchy and made-for-this-sexy summer season!
“This song came about very organically; I really like how versatile and unique Basi Azul is as an artist and was excited to collab with him,” says Geneva when we ask her about her just-released single, Down Bad, in which she continues to defy convention while demonstrating an innate songwriting sensitivity. “We actually recorded this originally in April 2022 and shot a video for it last summer; I ended up having to wait to release it as it's a total summer jam and I didn't want to mess up the timing. 10 mixes and two masters later, it's been perfected.”

Having encompassed collaborations with the likes of B. Bravo, Boddhi Satva, Felix Snow, Adam Tune of Keys N Krates and Lucian, among others, Gil's production has this super cool contrast with the vocals. The song feels both classic and very current at once, which is a cool thing to achieve. All this with an unmistakable West Coast bass vibe that feels very nostalgic and familiar while the track itself is very original, demonstrating how the effervescent crossfire of convergent rave and hip hop scenes of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s left an indelible mark on her creatively.
Geneva Ft Basi Azul 2.jpg