Why not summer away in the lavish Côte d'Azur? Cruise a yacht for the day, sip on some bubbly and roll the dice in the night. Sarah Effenberger imagined nothing else for the Fomme man, transporting us to Monte Carlo Supérieur for Fomme’s Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Catering to the créme de la créme lifestyle of the modern jetsetters, the collection features classic tailoring in glossy silks, fanciful stripes and soft velvets that highlight an unconventional elegance and tenderness in this otherwise masculine persona. All this wonderful mix, captured through the lens of Elizaveta Porovina, who’s been truthful to the brand’s identity.
The Berlin-based brand brings yet another collection to satisfy those holiday needs or cravings: light viscose stripes and flowery silks sewn into silhouettes reminiscent of the late ‘50s and ‘70s. Fomme recruited Russian photographer Elizaveta Porovina to shoot the collection for the fourth season running. This season she’s depicting the carelessness and romance of those youthful summers that fill us with a sense of bliss and nostalgia. And that’s whether you remember the name of your summer fling or the champagne ensemble that draped around his body.
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