Ezi is letting everyone know that she’s back and more confident and fearless than ever. Today, the singer-songwriter released She’s Back, the first moody single off of her upcoming debut album, Into Your Power, Into the Light. Inspired by the vengeance and sultry tone of Kill Bill and Uma Thurman, Ezi is reigning in her new era with this badass single.
Ezi is an LGBTQ+ artist from Long Island, New York. After appearing in the Nickelodeon series, The Other Kingdom, she decided to diverge from acting to take on her singing career, and she has since amassed a very dedicated fanbase. Her debut EP, Afraid of the Dark, gained over twenty-five million streams, and her cover of Take My Breath Away went viral on Instagram with over eighteen million streams. Her pop sound is blended with personal lyrics about mental health and identity, stacking the charts while also connecting with millions of young fans. Her debut album coming out this year will be released independently by her, and her new single is a testament to this newfound confidence and control over her musical career. 
She’s Back says it exactly how it is, announcing Ezi’s breakthrough after struggling as an independent artist during the pandemic. Feeling stuck and clueless as an emerging artist, shhe formed an alter ego inspired by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill to embody her resilience. The song starts out with a soft interlude, “I thought I lost her / I thought I killed her forever,” before slowly transitioning into the sultry chorus, “But she’s back and out for some blood.” The visualisation for the song depicts vintage visuals reminiscent of an old crime film, creating a cinematic environment for this alluring single. Ezi is teasing what’s to come from her much awaited new album, and from the looks of this single it’s sure to bring a new and dark sound from this emerging artist.