The Spanish luxury brand Loewe has long been known for its craftsmanship and its celebrated leather bags, clothes and accessories. But after these many years in urban life, it’s time to finally move outdoors. Quoting British writer and naturalist Robert McFarlane, “Anyone who lives in a city will know the feeling of having been there too long.” With that in mind, Loewe launches Eye/Loewe/Nature, a permanent ready-to-wear line of functional essentials for men. British actor Josh O’Connor travelled across wilderness landscapes of Cap de Creus in the Costa Brava to test the functionality of the pieces in its natural environment.
Josh O’Connor, soon to play Prince Charles on season three of The Crown, is the hero of the outdoor Loewe-man, who curiously likes to discover and question his surroundings while still caring about the look and quality of his style. His clothes are not only an enhancement of nature, but they are also supporting the environment since they’re made of recycled cotton fibre – parkas, jumpers knits, cargo shorts, trousers and shirts. Even more, Loewe will donate fifteen euros to fight plastic pollution for every product of the collection sold.

The accessories follow Loewe’s craftsmanship tradition. Benefiting from the country’s heritage and high-tech expertise, they are manufactured in Japan and hand-sewn from high-grade canvas with calfskin trim. But because the outdoors is not the only place where the Loewe-man will wear the bags and backpacks, the creative team has also added cushioning and support, and interior zip pockets to protect laptops and tablets. A way to make travelling easy and effortless.

The Eye/Loewe/Nature collection will be available online and in selected stores from January 10. But a few days back, coinciding with London Fashion Week, Jonathan Anderson first presented it in a pop-up store that will be open until February 4, to an audience including Brooklyn Beckham, model Sang Woo Kim or DJ Siobhan Bell.

Although it might seem like an escape from the Loewe’s classics, the essence is assured not only focusing on the traditions of superior craftsmanship, but also on the contemporary thinking seen in the tote bags and sling sacks designs, both labelled with the innovative, playful eye-logo of the collection (created by M/M Paris). All in all, Jonathan Anderson presents another collection that offers both style and substance.
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