Since they first met in the film industry circa 2011, Lisa Liberati and Deborah Barton began to forge a friendship that would end up in a joint business. ENCOMMÚN Official is the product of an organic synergy in which fashion, art, and the desire to leave the comfort zone intermingle. “When Deb called me in the spring of 2021 to ask me if I would join her in her journey to create the brand, I didn't hesitate to take the leap with her,” Lisa tells us when we ask her about the starting point of this exciting adventure based in Los Angeles.
Lisa Liberati
Deborah Barton
More than a decade ago, when Lisa worked for film director M. Night Shyamalan and Deborah was a wardrobe designer, the paths of these two creative and entrepreneurial women crossed. What began as a very good relationship led years later to a new business, ENCOMMÚN Official, which was created to expand on the narrative of fashion as an art form. The link between fashion and art became the pillar on which the identity of this brand was built, together with a cross-cultural essence.
“My early years in Buenos Aires significantly influenced the visual style, with simple geometric chainmail pieces and long, slim silhouettes reminiscent of neoclassical architecture,” says Deborah when we ask her about the miscellany of sources of inspiration and cultures that converge in the DNA of the project that she leads together with Lisa. However, the attitude of this brand is distinctly American. “A spirit of resilience, grit, and unapologetic confidence,” she adds when talking about the brand's hardened femininity, a clear revolt against hyper-masculine culture, and the use of drapery materials and no fuss-fits, an embrace of the Porteño lifestyle—relaxed and sophisticated.
In their latest collection, Perception 002, they delve into the realms of spatial and functional insight. Among the different pieces, we must highlight the Chainmail Gown 002, which is a perfect example of the exploration of concepts of negative space and its relationship with function, defining negative space from a 2D visual reality or 3D spatial one. “We explored the nuances of negative space through the intricate patterns formed by the deconstructed material. The configuration expands and retracts with the wearer, experiencing levels of negative space as it activates with movement and matter,” they comment on this garment that embraces two distinct ideas within its design. “One with a chain-link pattern and the other with a contrasting partial circle.”
Jessica Chastain was one of the first celebrities to wear ENCOMMÚN Official, starring in one of the most exciting moments for the brand to date. “When Jessica wore our jumpsuit and chainmail bra, that was without a doubt a “pinch me” moment for us! But also seeing all of our customers and friends enjoying our products and the confidence they exude when wearing our pieces is everything for us!” says Lisa.
Evoking the Oversized T-Dress when we ask them which piece best represents the brand's DNA and highlighting the importance that sustainability plays in their creative and development process by producing domestically with the majority of their partners in close proximity to their studio, the target of ENCOMMÚN Official consists of individuals who view fashion as an art form and value a curated, timeless wardrobe. “We call this Collector Culture. These fashion collectors meticulously curate their wardrobes, valuing pieces with emotional resonance and longevity. They prioritise sustainability, quality, and the artistry of fashion, investing in meaningful, enduring pieces,” says Deborah.
We will have to wait a few months to learn more about the creative duo's next collection, scheduled to be released in early fall 2024. “We’re excited to share the new work.” Meanwhile, you can visit their website to stay up to date with all the news.