EMINZADA's artistic project is built on the fusion of his origins and the search for unlimited freedom where we can all be who we really are. His music explores notions of camp, lust and escapism and the musical culture and his homeland’s musical culture and futurism, with his Azerbaijani heritage beaming proudly throughout. And now he unveils his new single in which this interesting and personal combination is more than evident, Beautiful Long Hair. A release that explores the desire for people with beautiful long hair and the seemingly unequivocal confidence that appears to come with it.
“I started writing this song when I noticed that I have toxic obsession with people who have beautiful long hair and how they kept hurting my fragile feelings. What does Beautiful Long Hair mean to you?” asked the versatile artist to his followers on Instagram a couple of days ago. A conversation that led to people non-stop sharing their impressions, highlighting the need for different musical releases and celebrating the new work of EMINZADA, who has almost three hundred and fifty thousand followers on the social platform. A proud community that is clear that nothing and no one will be able to defeat them and that they will achieve everything they set out to do with determination.

The track is “aiming to connect with anyone who has ever felt like they have to fight for what they love in themselves and who they truly want to be,” explains EMINZADA, whose support for the disabled LGBTQI+ community is at the focal point of his work. A community that the London-based artist is also a part of as he manages a disability himself in the form of Pectus Excavatum; a disability that for singers in particular can be a devastating hindrance. But like his audience, the artist's strength and energy are capable of overcoming any obstacle.
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