DET BLEV SENT, the contemporary fashion brand which primarily operates within the field of men's ready-to-wear, is now presenting its first collection for Fall/Winter 2023. This is the first approach we have to their unique creative universe in which youth, innovation and garments that contain powerful messages and claims meet. Far from being a project that only cares about the concept, the pieces that they’re now unveiling speak for themselves, demonstrating exquisite taste and plausible technique. Many strengths make this young brand a promising project on the international fashion scene.
Their pieces take us to a world in which independence and rebellion merge, creating an atmosphere of absolute freedom in which everyone is who they really want to be. Breaking social stereotypes of high-end versus streetwear, their new Fall/Winter 2023 collection is inspired by modernism or artistic movements, all connected to the reality of each era and a perfect mirror of the demands of the young generations. Because fashion, like arts such as painting or music, is a perfect ally when we want to understand how people lived, and what their concerns and the main references of a certain era of history were.

The fragility, insecurity and rawness of the youth now draw inspiration for the creative minds who lead DET BLEV SENT, putting the spotlight specifically on the anti-establishmentarian attitudes to eschew hierarchy. There is no shortage of references and allusions to La Haine, filmed by Mathieu Kassovitz in 1995, which has become a true symbol as far as these attitudes and movements are concerned. This is a perfect example of how young people rebel against police hatred and the impositions of the established power, with a strong message and meaning.

As we anticipated at the beginning, not only has the message contained in the pieces that shape their new collection caught our attention, but also the precision and technique that they demonstrate with this new launch. Generating a dialogue between pragmatic and sartorial cloth, while also building a strong brand identity, in this first collection we find nylon and baby mohair in a puffer jacket to show the combination of human-made and natural fabrication. If we look at the shirts, we see how they have a detachable hoodie to show both formal and informal attitudes. The brand still has a long way to go, and we can't wait to know what its next steps will be.
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