Dessauer's musical project is full of deep feelings and life experiences that have marked him for the rest of his life. Picking up the pieces of a fragmented family and personal history marred by distance and war, his releases escape from musical trends and are difficult to classify in a specific musical genre as they are strongly inspired by his identity as an individual, in personal stories that leave you speechless. He is now releasing his debut EP, Limbic Resonance, and it's a sprawling study of intricate patchwork electronics.
Some artists have a lot to say and share with their audience, sending important messages to the world and sharing experiences that are not easy to manage. The life of the NYC-born, Berlin-based newcomer Dessauer has been filled with ups and downs, complex situations such as an incorrect diagnosis of Bipolar disorder in his early teens, which led him to spend years in a medicated haze. “There's a certain heaviness to what I've been through, I think that's reflected in the music,” Dessauer admits. “That said, I’m actually one of the most optimistic people I know,” says the Jewish/German descent, whose music is also inspired by his family being expelled from Nazi Germany.

His just-released EP, Limbic Resonance, is made up of three songs: Banshee Shuffle, Illusion of Separateness, and the title track, Limbic Resonance. Illusion Of Separateness is an experimental electronic track that taps into the depths of Dessauer's past and future, and his meaningful new project tackles issues ranging from anxiety and fear to excitement, immersion, submission, ego death, and ultimately, rebirth. “It's comical really. But I just feel grateful to be here, expressing myself and telling my story.”