Conceived as a project to heal, Dean Risko's new comprehensive concept album The Good Wolf is an ode to connection, communication, and community. A way of synthesising his priorities after an intense career in which the Johannesburg-born, Los Angeles-based artist reminds himself of his inner strength, looks to the future with optimism, and opens a new chapter in his life. “We’ve all got two wolves inside. One with an appetite for fear and the other for love. The one you feed becomes dominant. Feed The Good Wolf,” he says.
After a long hiatus, the rapper-turned-singer-songwriter reappears on the music scene with a new album, in which he invites us to join an extremely introspective journey through eight songs. From F.T.G.W to Your Company, the more than 23 minutes of music and stories that shape this new work are built on the process of personal transformation. A proof of life after addiction, in which the creative is completely honest and sincere, making the truth and the connection with his audience two of his great strengths.

“I’m absolutely finished with doing music for any reason other than love. I don’t desire fame anymore, I don’t desire to be rich,” the artist shared a few days ago on his social media, opening up to his followers. And there is no doubt that this way of understanding music is transmitted through his musical proposal, in which he seems free from all kinds of ties and shows himself as he is, unfiltered and in a tone that shows that Dean Risko has found himself. An encounter with his inner self that narrates through its eight tracks through a neo-soul personality and a pop sensibility, giving it mainstream appeal without losing its identity.
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