Deadbeat Girl are releasing today When You Went, the follow-up to their debut EP. The 20-year-old artist and producer, born and raised in South Florida, are presenting their next chapter after having released their debut EP, What Will It Take? in March this year. Reflecting on the pain that comes with broken trust, this single comes along with an important announcement, the global support tour with Ari Abdul, which should be epic. Now you have the chance to see them live in Toronto, Los Angeles, New York City, Paris and London, among other cities.
“When I wrote this song, I was in the process of healing from a relationship in which I felt very betrayed and belittled. I’ve come to realise that it's okay to be upset about the things that you go through,” the New York-based artist replied when asked about the starting point of their new single When You Went. "It's okay to take the time to really feel it and bask in it," they add.

Deadbeat Girl want people to find comfort in the music and scream along if they're going through something, and their adoring fan base continues to grow and relate. “When You Went is definitely a song that you can let loose and dance to, as well as cry to,” they comment after having unveiled their What Will It Take? EP some months ago, which was an impressive coming-of-age moment that saw them grapple with heartache, self-acceptance and growing up queer, in a conservative community.