How does Reykjavik sound like? And Vienna? What about Berlin? After dedicating songs to each of these European cities (and also London), producer and musician Danube is out with a new single. This time, the latest addition to his catalogue is Paris.
The Belgian artist channels his passion for European cities into his music. This time, he has set his sights on the French capital, where once again he takes us on a journey through his captivating electronic sounds. But attention, because we are almost at the home stretch, as the EP Cities is set to be released in March, where we will find all these songs and more.
Each city has its essence, and each song its distinctive aspect. The vibe that Berlin oozes is not the same as Reykjavik’s, and the producer has managed to squeeze the spirit of each place to create different soundscapes, proving his virtuosity and sensitivity as a musician and producer. Where does the inspiration come from? Well, from culture, landscapes, and what personally inspires him. With the combination of ambient and cinematic arrangements, Danube creates electronic music ranging from ambient tranquility to the most latent.
Following the musical thread that links it to the other songs, Paris transports us to the past, to those ‘90s where downtempo resonated throughout Europe. We find a calmer sound, and I would dare to say more romantic than the other proposals – at the end of the day, it’s the city of love to many, isn’t it? But, as expected, the rhythm builds up as the song progresses. A woman’s voice speaking French joins in halfway, changing the rhythm and atmosphere, acting as an interlude. Danube confesses, “I wanted to capture the magic of its mornings, the peaceful moments before the city comes to life.” We will be keeping an eye out for the EP, which will map out the different sounds in that different European cities inspire him.