It's difficult to turn the alphabet around and make it interesting, but Rosalía's Abcdefg does just that. And now, she has joined forces with Barcelona's own car company Cupra to turn her now iconic interlude from Motomami into a spot – which premiered yesterday on Twitch on the half-time show of the King's league final – which celebrates the brand and their new heroes for the new era, the Cupra UrbanRebel Concept, Cupra Tavascan and Cupra Terramar.
We had been teased with a few billboards along the city – personally we have seen them in Barcelona but Madrid and Mexico DF saw them too – and we have finally seen what this collaboration is all about. With funny nods to Rosalía and Cupra's joint universes, the video has a pulse on the different concepts and issues that are top of mind. From R standing for Raval, the neighbourhood in Barcelona, where both skaters and locals spend their day roaming the MACBA square, H for hero, in which we see a motorcyclist breastfeeding her baby whilst also holding a trophy and Y for you, which shows other brand ambassadors like actor Daniel Brühl, FCB players Ansu Fati, Marc ter Stegen, (and Alexia Putellas in C for captain), driver Klara Andersson and padel player Ariana Sánchez.

The closing shot shows us a girl wearing grills bearing Cupra's own logo, something only fellow Motomamis do. It is the campaign that we didn't know we were looking for, it is as inventive and fresh as it is cool and ingenious. Who would have thought that a world renowned singer like Rosalía would be such a great fit for a car company? Welcome to the new era, expect the unexpected.