Imagine bringing together the excess of the Victorian era, the strength and character of punk and the dreamlike overtones of surrealism in a collective creative universe. And it is that although at first it may seem impossible, the talent, the search for references and styles and the desire to make fashion a free place where we can all feel comfortable makes this premise a reality. Its artificer? The Miami-based brand Come On, who in its new Victorian Collection, presented just a few days ago at The Flying Solo New York Fashion Week show, finalises details for the official launch of the collection. When and where? Tomorrow at a pop-up event on Soho's independent designer platform Flying Solo.
Established in Miami in 2019, this brand has managed to make punk culture and surrealism its best allies in the long-distance race that gaining a foothold in the fashion industry entails. Solid pillars on which they build their own, recognizable and unique artistic imaginary, in which different eras are found, resulting in a proposal completely unrelated to labels and limiting categories. Genderless, timeless and versatile, the project recovers the fascinating artisan techniques –increasingly less frequent in a sector that does not stop betting on mass production and the homogenisation of trends – to which it adheres a contemporary vision adapted to the new times.

After moving to Italian villas and its vital spirit and paying homage to glam punk on its previous releases, Come On now examines the theme of liberation in reference to the percolating reimagination of the status quo during the Victorian era in England in The Victorian Collection. From the emerging liberal ideology to the intellectualism of the Victorian period, the brand consolidates its vision by going one step further, demonstrating a continuous evolution and promoting local artisanal production processes. Employing local tailors and seamstresses to materialise their interesting ideas, they work closely with makers in their micro-factory located in Little River, thus guaranteeing the highest quality of their garments.

Transparency, which has become one of their fundamental characteristics, accompanies them at every step they take, supporting with their work social causes they believe in. And its 25 SKUs, made with premium fabrics in a limited and unique edition with handmade finishing touches and among which we find garments that range from dresses and jackets to skirts and shirts, show that fashion without labels that restrict our freedom is possible. Tomorrow we will be able to enjoy its official launch, and in the hours before the big day comes we invite you to immerse yourself in their website.
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