Get to experience Chicago like you’ve never seen it or heard it. Because Circuit Faker has released a new single titled Ocular Therapy, and both the song and the accompanying kaleidoscopic music video explore uncharted terrains in the sonic and visual realms. Besides the track’s rich production and artistry, it is also great news because it’s just the first single off of his debut forthcoming album, Circumvolve.
Circuit Faker aka Taylor Nelson is a vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Minneapolis, USA. He had a career in music before taking a hiatus to pursue another of his passions: travel photography. But as you might remember, Covid-19 took the world by storm and had us under strict lockdowns. It was then that the artist picked up an instrument again and built a home studio, where he started sketching, producing and recording various ideas and demos. That’s precisely how Ocular Therapy was born. And we can hear it in the lyrics, for example: ““Here we are, on planet Earth / Look around, feel your heart? / Each of us, bound to breathe / Making most of what we see.” Of course, the new album is also a result of that yearning for hope, freedom, and connection with the outside world.
With many different references and with an eclectic sound merging various electronic genres, Ocular Therapy starts with a gritty bass line that slowly delves into a more dreamy electronic production. The song’s music video, directed by videographer Justin Shen, guides us through a psychedellic trip through some of Chicago’s most recognisable landmarks, both over and underground, and conveys a sense of uneasiness and magic. 
Presenting this first single off of his upcoming album, it means that Circuit Faker is ready for the next chapter in his musical career. We’ll have to keep an eye on him to check what else he releases before he launches the album, so make sure to follow this space for more updates.