Australian indie-pop star Chris Lanzon shares his latest single Angel Litany, featuring Girlpool’s Harmony. Created during a serendipitous meeting between Chris Lanzon and Harmony after a month-long writing trip in LA, the track exudes a certain calming energy that feels like it was written in the stars, built upon that instant creative connection between the two.
Angel Litany poetically reflects on the beauty of those moments that feel predestined, enveloping listeners in a tender acoustic lullaby, building to this chorus, bringing extra strings and an additional force into the composition upon asserting that “it’s all figured out.” The vocal dualism between Harmony and Lanzon is flawless, almost inseparable on the track, melting into one. There’s something beautiful yet rueful about the track, of feeling undeserving of that bliss, as Lanzon croons “You’re like bliss and torture and church bells/Oh, this feels like hell/Knowing love’s always waiting.” This beautiful sonic landscape finds its home in the accompanying lyric video, as lovers embrace at a cliff’s edge. 
By the end of the lyric video, the two are seen to glow from within against the backdrop of the night’s sky, immortalising the two as stars in the sky. Carrying all the hallmarks of his beloved sound, from emotional and introspective lyricism to gentle indie sounds, Angel Litany marks another great song from Chris Lanzon. Baring all with his emotionally-charged lyricism, Angel Litany is another stand-out release from the star. In his own words, Lanzon described the song as; “Angel Litany embodies the bittersweet feeling of unconditional love. It’s gratitude and bliss, with the fear and guilt of being undeserving. It’s a desire to please, but never feeling adequate enough.”
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Chris Lanzon has emerged as a pop sensation with a global following. Finding his musical start on a TV show, to joining a boy band in his teenage years, Lanzon in his solo career has garnered a following of over 250,000 across social platforms, with over 3.2 million likes on TikTok alone. His cover of the Goo Goo Dolls single Iris alone has gained over 16 million streams. As he has just announced he will be supporting Sam Fischer on his Australian leg of his tour, anticipation is rising for what’s next in Lanzon’s musical journey.