Having already birthed massive hits including the viral sensation Patek featuring DJ Tarico and Joey B, now global music superstar Mr Eazi and United Kingdom-based afrobeats tastemaker and selector DJ Edu have just released their seminal new album titled Chop Life, Vol.1: Mzansi Chronicles under their exciting new dance project, Choplife Soundsystem. On this latest fourteen-track album they pay homage to South African dance music in all of its glory while collaborating with amapiano president Focalistic, Limpopo rap star Sho Madjozi, and the legendary Major League DJz, among others. We talk to them to know all the details.
Aiming to give listeners a deep dive into the glorious club scene in South Africa that has been producing some of the best dance music in the world for the past few years, the multifaceted Nigerian star and the very in-demand club DJ worldwide join forces in a project with which they want their audience to feel happy and free. And they will also be taking Choplife Soundsystem on tour this summer for a series of Choplife parties in Accra, Barcelona, Brussels, Johannesburg, London, Kigali and Paris.
Hello Mr Eazi and DJ Edu, how are you and where do you answer us from?
DJ Edu: We’re all good, currently in Tallinn (Estonia).
You're now releasing your new album titled Chop Life, Vol.1: Mzansi Chronicles, how did this project come about and what would you highlight about its development process?
Mr Eazi: It came about by chance. In South Africa, recording something totally different. Started with the producer pushing us to jump on the first amapiano record and going back to South Africa to work with all these talented artists. The best part of making this project was chilling in Cape Town, having everyone come to the house and an amazing chef from Zimbabwe making the best food, sipping the best wine, vibing and making music. So, I think that is the sort of energy that you can get from the music, it’s very playful and just... enjoyment. Choplife.
The album has already birthed massive hits including the viral sensation Patek featuring DJ Tarico and Joey B, which has amassed over 20 million global streams. What would you like people to feel when they listen to your latest release for the first time?
DJ Edu: I think just happiness, freedom and enjoyment.
It has been recorded between Cape Town and Johannesburg over the past 12 months, hasn’t it? Is there any anecdote you want to share with our readers?
Mr Eazi: The day I recorded Die For You we had gone to the club, we had been recording all day. I got writer's block and didn’t want to record anymore so we went to the club, having fun, getting lit. We got back to the house and Tarico was trying to sleep, I went upstairs to wake him up to come record me. I used the most husky, tired drunk voice to record that record. The next day I completely forgot we recorded that night.
And what about collaborations, with which other artists have you joined forces on Chop Life, Vol.1: Mzansi Chronicles?
Joey B, Mellow & Sleazy, 2woshort, DJ Tarico, Stompiiey…
I've read that you'll also be taking your new album on tour across Africa, the UK, and Europe, for a series of Choplife parties this summer. What can we expect from these experiences?
Edu: Enjoyment, enjoyment, enjoyment.