After releasing a few singles and a four-track EP last year, titled Lovers to Strangers, Chance Peña is back with new music to break our hearts and feed our souls. The Texas-born singer-songwriter launches The Mountain Is You today. And, oh boy, had we missed that soft, touching voice that enchants anyone who has the luck to listen to it. “I’ve become a fragment of my imagination / That’s why I run towards self-love,” he starts singing in this new single. We’re already sold.
Honouring his roots, the 24-year-old is famous for his heartfelt songs within the folk pop and indie realms. With breakout hit i am not who i was, which garners over 134 million streams on Spotify alone, Chance caught the attention of an incredibly wide audience that have become ardent fans of his work. His two consecutive sold-out tours across Europe at the end of 2023 and the United States earlier this year are just testament to that; Chance really has it all to become a worldwide phenomenon. Honest, raw, and vulnerable, his songs resonate with anyone who listens to them, and Spotify listed him as one of the Juniper Artists To Watch for 2024.
In The Mountain Is You, his newest single, the singer speaks of overcoming the obstacles within ourselves and getting in touch with who we are and the worries we allow to hold us back. It’s tender, poignant, and goes straight to the heart. “I hear your words in my head / You say ‘the mountain is you’ / And only worry can bring me down,” he sings beautifully, speaking precisely of how, many times, we’re our worst enemies and critics.