Camperlab, the experimental arm of Camper footwear, has unveiled a new project that reimagines and personalises the Traktori boot, transforming it into a canvas for artistic expression. From whipped cream and cherries to the shimmering allure of crystal pearls, the captivating fetish of smoking and even the multifaceted interpretations of artwork, eighteen different artists like Tierra Whack, Róisín Murphy, Alejandro Palomo, Lea Colombo or Michelle Ellie have discovered diverse inspirations to uniquely claim Camper Traktori’s boots as their own.
In this collaborative initiative, a global list of contributors, including renowned names from the fashion, art, music, and film realms who share a personal affinity with the brand and a commitment to the environment, have been engaged in favour of Save The Med initiative. These names range from Swarovski to Diplo, to Ottolinger, Samantha Hudson, Elle Ngo, Medea, and Angelica Hicks, to name a few. They all have been invited to channel their creativity and metamorphose these timeless boots into individual, unique masterpieces. From delicate lacework and whimsical embellishments to bold graphic statements, the resulting artworks vividly resonate with their inner thoughts and stories, allowing a deep connection with the shoes.
Conceived by Creative Director Achilles Ion Gabriel in 2020, Traktori draws inspiration from the pragmatic work boots worn by Mallorcan farmers. The vulcanised construction and distinctive serrated sole of Traktori not only offers functionality but also carves out an unmistakable identity, reflecting the core of Mediterranean culture and Camperlab’s DNA. Now serving as a blank canvas for collaborators, artists have unleashed a continuous stream of proposals. For Berlin icon Ivana Vladislava, they embody what she calls “le fétichisme de la cigarette,” inspired by a smoking fetish. She playfully shares: “I had so much fun smoking cigarettes and using these shoes as my ashtray. It’s like brand-marking. Scandalous.” Meanwhile, Vava Dudu contributes with her unique touch, saying, “I send a blue kiss for peace in the world,” among other creative interpretations.
A special event in Paris held yesterday at Lafayettes Anticipations showcased the customised Traktori pairs, which are now exhibited for the next days of men’s Fashion Week. Priced at 555€, a symbolic nod to the length of the Mallorcan coast in kilometers, every sale of these boots will contribute entirely to the non-profit organisation Save the Med Foundation, which focuses on diverse initiatives such as marine habitat protection, reduction of plastic waste, management of marine areas, scientific research, and educational programs.
Starting now, exclusively on, the custom Traktori boots will be available for those who wish to contribute to the cause, or perhaps wearing artworks on their feet.
Róisín Murphy
Lea Colombo
Michelle Elie
Ivana Vladislava
Maria Veitola
Shirley Kurata
Palomo Spain
Vava Dudu
Elle Ngo
Alexis Stone
Carol Lim
Tierra Whack