With over twelve million likes on TikTok, Boy Jr.’s ability to connect with the current zeitgeist through their music is undeniable. The artist is known for their comical yet poignant narratives, and their new single, out today, is no exception. Titled I Hope You Feel Terrible, the punk style, guitar-driven song is a ‘fuck you’ letter to that one person they confronted, telling them exactly how they feel without filters. Boy Jr.’s coming off strong, as they should!
Speaking of how the song came to be, the American artist shares: “You know how people will tell you to write a letter you’ll never send when you’re upset with someone? I Hope You Feel Terrible is like the letter I wasn’t supposed to send. It is for everyone who wishes they could have a romcom-like confrontation with someone who hurt them and tell them exactly how they really feel, with the perfect closing one liner and everything.” 
This song is the leading single of Boy Jr.’s upcoming DIY album, I Love Getting Dumped. With witty, cheeky, and ingenious titles and lyrics, the artist (whose real name is Ariel Allen-Lubman) is amassing a cult following that praises both their fun take on music as well as their artistry. Because, let’s not forget, they come from an academic music production background, which give them the tools to craft their sound as they please while experimenting with different genres. The release date is yet to be announced, but in the meantime, you can enjoy Boy Jr.’s new music now.