FWM is an acronym for their latest which means exactly what you think it does. Released right after their successful debut single Got It, the Canadian girl group BLK knows exactly the kind of message that they want to convey: an unabashed sense of self through empowerment. Bexk, Lilac X and Khatalia-Korahjay are ready to make their mark is staying true to their essence.
The three of them are triple threats: writing, producing and performing and they've decided to join forces in this new song speaking to their unabashed sexuality and fearless individualism by calling out to their partners and the world. By combining the first letter of their names they have managed to create a group of confident young women of colour whose songs range from contemporary pop to nineties R&B, with a greater mission in mind going beyond music.

With FWM they have proven that their synergy is genuine, and they let us know a bit of what they want to achieve,"We strive for our lyrics and music to be relatable and accessible to everybody. We’re always going to be inclusive — never exclusive," explains Bexk. They know that they will eventually be seen as role models and what their music to be as relatable and accessible as possible. As Lilac X says "We’re showing that there’s not one type of woman or girl." In other words, in such difficult times like these, they are three women looking for and actually striving for change.