The wave of musical artists who defend freedom of expression, striving to create an open-minded place, and encouraging us to be ourselves through their lyrics is fortunately growing. After solidifying their position as one of Europe's most enthralling live bands, Blitz Union now challenges the pressure to conform to societal ideals of perfection in every aspect of life in their new single, Freak Anthem. The song comes along with a music video featuring each band member representing a different ‘freak’ archetype, further accentuating the song's empowering message.
“In our own way, we are all essentially freaks. And we want to invite our fans to join the Blitz Union Movement,” expresses lead singer Mark Blitz when asked about this latest single which encourages individuals to embrace their true selves, even if they perceive themselves as unconventional. The Czech EDM rock quartet has continued to empower its audience since its inception, having shaped a recognisable personal sound, championing self-expression, and embracing individuality. And with their new single, Freak Anthem, they go one step further in their defence of identity.
Serving as a rallying cry, providing solace and inspiration to those who dare to stand out and redefine societal conventions, their latest single was recorded in Prague and Berlin. The music video, directed by Michal Skořepa, perfectly portrays the message that Blitz Union sends through the song. “In a world of mass production and pressure to be perfect and successful, more and more people feel like breaking out of an ordinary life to be different,” they say. Their meaningful message is especially important at a time when some human rights are being threatened and some freedoms seem to be unguaranteed. We’ll only be able to change the world if we stand together.