Since we first spoke to him in August 2022 when he was releasing his single kim kardashian, we haven't lost track of Bentley Robles. After revealing his first single, kiss my friends earlier this year, which is a love song dedicated to his friends with an open interpretation to the listeners, the New York City's prince of synth-pop is now kicking off a whole new era with the release of his next smash, HOPE U CRY.
This new single, which is a turning point in Bentley Robles’s musical adventure, arrives after having toured with Tom Aspaul this summer. Opening a new chapter in his career, this is a breakup anthem with sharp-tongued lyrics, bass synth, and emotional drums that make you want to cry, dance, and scream as it all climaxes into a dance break that will hit you like cold water. “Have you ever been so f--ed over by an ex that you fantasise about their life crashing and burning? I have. HOPE U CRY is an anthem for that,” says Robles.

Being the lead single from his forthcoming sophomore EP, the artist tells us more about his next great project that he’ll be releasing soon. “I don't want to give too much away, but I've been promising my fans an EP since last year. Being an indie artist, releasing bodies of work can be tough. I wanna make sure what I deliver is top-notch. I've written over fifty songs and gone back and forth on which ones are the best. I feel happy about the ones we've chosen. Expect pop perfection.”