Beauty in chaos is the starting point for ari hicks' new single, Midas, who has firmly proven herself as a top artist to watch this year. This is the first song off of her upcoming EP It's Not That Deep: Chapter 2. A work that promises to follow in the wake of the success of her previous releases, which have already accumulated millions of listeners on Spotify. The artist, who has close to 250,000 monthly listeners on the platform, now presents a raw and authentic narrative of the importance of finding the beauty in the chaos that comes with life.
“The story of Midas is a cautionary tale, the perfect example of the phrase ‘be careful what you wish for.’ I'm someone that has a hard time convincing myself not to dwell, and has an even harder time pulling myself out of it once there,” says the artist whose music has received acclaimed from popular Spotify playlists including New Music Friday and Pop Rising, among others. “This song is representative of that moment of peace in letting something go and turning into something that no longer hinders you but strengthens you,” she adds.

Can we find beauty in chaos? Of course, we just have to be willing to find it. Midas is the first preview of everything that is to come, which will be the darker sister of her critically acclaimed EP It's Not That Deep: Chapter 1. A project in which, as usual in the singer's work, mental health is a fundamental element and the search for messages beyond the obvious promises to be the protagonist again.