Some songs breathe honesty, serving as a tool for self-knowledge and liberation for many artists. And some singles allow singers and songwriters to express how they feel, reflect on the meaning of life and share their internal debates with their audience. A good example of this type of music is All Things Blue's new single, Song to Myself. The new release by India Coombs and Jon Joseph, which celebrates life's experiences and wraps them in the soft tones of the 60s analogue in their musical project, speaks from the purest truth and shows us that life depends enormously on the prism through which we look at it.
“I wrote this song soon after my mother passed away,” the All Things Blue lead singer comments on her new release, Song to Myself, before opening up emotionally about how she used to feel life like a blur, and she didn't have her mum to turn to anymore. “I was overworking myself, partying a lot, trying to push my career forward as fast as I could and I kind of put rest on the back burner.” It is precisely through music that the artist processes a complex experience, at the same time that she becomes aware of the lifestyle that she is leading and her day-to-day worries. This is undoubtedly a turning point in her life.
“I was telling myself how I was feeling as I hadn't taken a second to really process the fact that I was sad and felt cheated and that even though I was constantly surrounded by so many people I felt really lonely,” she adds about one stage in which she opened her eyes. Now she shares it with all her listeners in this new release. “Now that I've quit that gruelling job and realised I really only want to spend time with my close friends and family, be outside as much as possible and make as much art as possible, life has become a lot lighter.” It’s never too late to reflect on how we are living, and what the truly important things in life are.
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