A record written during the turbulence of divorce, Alesia Lani’s most recent LP is one of healing and growth. In her nine-track sophomore album released last Friday, Self Titled, Lani turns this tumultuous situation into an eclectic mix of musical genres and styles, which never ceases to surprise.
Texas-based musician Alesia Lani begins the record brimming with energy and confidence on the track I Don’t Mind. The Thundercat-esque bassline, matched with Lani’s assertive and soulful vocals, really sets the stage for what’s to come. Free, loose, and unexpected instrumentation continues to develop throughout the track list. The fourth track, Breaking Me Down, for example, is a real left-turn in the LP. Featuring Jackie Venson on guitar, the song is heavily inspired by pop-rock sonics. Its diversity is a real strength of the project. Each track takes on an entirely different genre and atmosphere.

is the second track on the LP, which engages in a more direct hip-hop route. The track sees Lani expressing her self-confident, punchy lyricism and presence. It also feels very loose and free, which is perhaps a testament to the seemingly healing nature of the record. Throughout, Lani sings and raps about her growth and rebirth like on the fifth track IDFWU: “Get rid of that bag / So we can regrow… Be free, be me.” The third track, Lean Into You is a definite high point on the record. Bossa Nova and jazz influenced instrumentation sits behind Lani’s vocals creating a dreamy and relaxed mood. The LP also features artists The Teeta and Magna Carda, who bring refreshing rap verses to the final two songs. The project feels almost like an assortment of tracks, all taking on a very different vibe. There is something here for everyone, which makes it unique and compelling.
Alesia Lani’s Self Titled is her most personal and introspective album thus far in her musical career. The record acts as a chance for healing and self-awareness despite the challenges of life. Highlighted by production from Tim Palmer and John Keyz, the LP really shines as an example of a diverse, and eclectic project. The album is all about growth and evolution, and pushing past life’s hurdles to come out stronger or ‘better’ in the end.
After the launch of the album on Friday, we are really looking forward to seeing what Lani does next. You can stream Alesia Lani’s Self Titled LP on all streaming platforms now.
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