Acne Studios presents in London its ultimate adventure, the collaboration with legendary British photographer Lord Snowdon with a exclusive book of portraits under the name of "Snowdon blue", a limited edition line of shirts and a travelling exhibition across Europe.
Think in the colour blue, what does it come to your mind? The sea, the sky, perhaps in a deepest level you feel serenity? Joyful images? For the photographer Snowdon, the colour blue has been very present in his photography, he defines just as the perfect colour. It is not surprising that for the swedish clothing brand Acne, which originally was a denim label, has seen on the blue photographer certain similarity.
Acne publishes its first book in collaboration with Lord Snowdon, a recompilation from the photographer's archive of sixty one portrait of famous faces as the likes of David Bowie, Serge Gainsbourg, The British Royal Family, Jeremy Irons or Agatha Christie among other political, artistic and musical figures. All of them wearing a blue garment. The book has been produces by Snowdon's daughter Frances Von Hofmannsthal.
Acne also celebrates the launching of the book in a unique collection of eight tones of blue shirts called Snowdon Shirt, only for menswear (sorry girls), for the campaign the blue photographer has shot eight new portraits that includes the artists Darren Cunningham, Eddie Peake or the cabaret performance Jonny Woo along actors and creatives directors. A selected portrait exhibition is being held in London at the moment and then it will travel to Paris and Stockholm.
The Snowdon shirt collection starts from £170 and the Snowdon Blue book is £80. For more information visit the website.