We are heading to Berlin Fashion Week, whose new edition kicks off today in a frenetic calendar where events do not stop happening. It is well known that September is the January of fashion, a time full of presentations, projects and interesting initiatives. Among them, in the German capital from today until September 7, it is worth highlighting 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit. Germany's most progressive platform for the cross-disciplinary discourse and matchmaking between avant-garde creatives, pragmatic researchers and smart industry stakeholders promise to surprise us again these days. We speak with its organiser Magdalena Schaffrin a few hours before the start of the event to know all the details of this new edition.
Could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?
Hi, my name is Magdalena, I am the co-founder of studio MM04, the organiser of the 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit and have been working with sustainability in fashion for many years. I started one of the biggest trade fairs for sustainable fashion in 2009, released a book, Fashion Made Fair in 2016, and I am now co-founding the VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub. All my work is dedicated to a transformation of the fashion industry towards a positive impact.
You are one of the founders of 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit. How and when did this platform arise? And what reasons led you to create it?
We felt the need for a platform connecting progressive minds and discussing new ideas and thoughts to develop the holistic idea of sustainability further. I am so happy to meet all these great people and inspiring thought leaders, either speaking or participating – especially after the limitations due to Covid.
From September 5 to 7, we will be attending a new edition of the event. What can we expect and what are the actions planned on this occasion?
For the first time, 202030 – The Berlin fashion Summit is taking place as a physical-only event. Our topic of the fourth edition is Fashion for Positive Impact: Regenerative Transformation – Within a variety of presentation and discussion formats, we explore how people and the planet depend on each other, and how fashion can build bridges between the biosphere, technosphere, and metasphere. We look for interdisciplinary collaborations toward a common good and, most importantly, creating a positive impact. The conference is accompanied by the Pop-Up Think Tank, Exhibitions, Evening Events and Guided Tours by our Partners All Good(s), Estethica and VORN – The Berlin Fashion Hub.
How and where can we buy tickets to be part of 202030 - The Berlin Fashion Summit?
If you are interested in attending 202030 – The Berlin Fashion Summit, please buy your ticket here
What are the main challenges we have to face currently as a society?
I think the main challenges we have to face currently as a society are, of course, the war in Europe, which makes us question how we deal with our values of freedom, democracy and respect and how we organise our society and living together on our one planet Earth. Followed by the question of how to stop, or better, reverse climate change and create a positive impact with our activities.
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